Royal Princess

By, Lou Lint - October 2013

Arriving at the pier you are impressed with all the shiny
balconies and the size of this new ship.  As you enter the
ship you are struck by the soft colors and grand atrium with
its spiral stair case and class with  lights from the top to
the bottom. On the lower public deck is one of my favorite
areas where there is light entertainment most of the day,
and the Galata shop, a bar and the very best pastries ,
sandwiches and salad shop. We ate one of our dinners at the
The Grill Seafood and Stake House.  This has very good food
and good selection.  The chef came by and he said he has
been with Princess 40 years, and of course he is from Italy.
We ate in the main dinning room the next evening and it was
really good also. When we did our site inspection of the
rooms, one of the agents used the term "compact".  That is a
good description of the suites as well as the cabins.  We
did note that unlike other Princess ships a mini suite does
not have a larger balcony. The rooms are also in soft colors
and very comfortable. Another favorite area is the Sanctuary
and also the new Retreat.  The Retreat is the adult pool,
quit area. This area is included in the cruise cost, however
there are a couple of cabanas the you can rent by the pool. 
The Sanctuary is an are that you need to pay extra for.  It
has butler service, spa cabanas, sunning chairs and cabanas.
In contrast is the main pool are that is fun and lots of
actives along with their huge screen for movies.  Even
during a very sunny the you can see it so clear. Activities
include skeet simulator, golf, table tennis, volley ball,
basket ball and a game room. The smaller lounges around the
ship are all very nice and are from library comfort style to
very modern moos scape look.  The even have a TV theater
area where the play games.  The main show theater is
different than most cruise ships, in that, it looks like a
movie theater and is two decks high. As with all the ship
the sounds, lighting and techs are really advanced over
other ships. The "sky walk" is not for those who are
bothered by heights , but great for the rest of us. It is a
short walk on a glass like see through floor.  You look
right down on one of the outside lounge ares and over the
ocean.  It really is a wired feeling the first time you do
it. It is a beautiful ship with a nice staff.  

Happy Travels