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Testimonials from Our Satisfied Customers

Williams HoneymoonWe had never used a travel agent before but our honeymoon was such an important trip we wanted to make sure we had extra help.  Our friends recommended us to Breton Travel since they had used them for their honeymoon.  We could not have been happier.  Tami Lemson was our agent and was absolutely wonderful to work with.  She answered all our questions, and helped us pick a wonderful resort in Mexico.  They told us about some remodeling going on at the resort the week before we were supposed to leave and Tami even called down to Mexico to talk to the resort to assure us that we would not be disturbed by it.  Our honeymoon was flawless and we are DEFINETLY going to use Breton Travel again and recommend them to our friends.  -Anne and Charlie (honeymoon)

We just returned from a 15 day trip to England,Scotland and Wales called the Best Of Britian. We had a wonderful time and it was our third time with Trafalgar. The trip was everything that it was billed to be , with some great sights , great people and  the weather was very good also. From what the people of Great Britian told us it was not that great a summer for weather, so we were very
grateful for the nice weather we had.

The trip was first class and we really enjoyed the country, but especially the people that we met on the trip from both the tour and from the countries that we visited.  We decided to roam around on foot the very first day that we got there to shake the  airplane travel out of our system.  While we took a small map we had to stop now and then to get our bearings ( In London ) and each time we did someone from London stopped to see if they could help us. This was a great experience  and we met and talked to some very nice people as we roamed around Central London.

Our Tour director, Harry Gray was an experienced veteran and it showed as his skills were ever present the whole trip. We also were very fortunate to have a great driver by the name of Kirstey Lydon who was not only an experienced driver but also one very nice person. The country side and towns of Scotland and Wales were very nice and we also liked rural England as well. I would reccommend this trip to anyone.

Mike & Dora


Hi Lou,

Suzanne and I just want to tell you what an awesome time we had on our trip to Europe!  Our rail tickets were perfect, everything went great and we met some interesting people as we travelled.  The scenery was gorgeous, our hotel choices worked out really well too.  The Eurostar was great - the breakfast was awesome!  The Hotel Scherer was very cute and quaint.  The front desk was very helpful and even offered to provide us with a box breakfast since our connection was before breakfast was going to be served. We loved exploring Salzburg by foot and found the "Bier Garden" to very unique, once we found it.  Our train travel to Grindewald was nice and relaxing, we even met some young men that were serving in the Swiss Army and they shared their chocolate ration bars with us!!  It was delicious chocolate!  Suzanne loved the Hotel Wolter, great location-right in the middle of the village.  The Jungfrau was nice, the staff wasn't vey friendly and we did find it a little inconvenient to be in 2 different places, but we managed.  One of our highlights was taking the gondola up to First and then ziplining down to the next stop.  It was fabulous!  We also loved seeing all the cows grazing and hearing their cowbells ring - it was magical :)  We had to keep pinching ourselves that we were in the Swiss Alps! Our night in Interlaken was good as well, we had fondue for dinner and again walked through the town. By the time we made it to Zurich we were all pretty tired so we decided to just hang out in the airport for the day until our flight left.  We looked forward to staying at the Eurostar again on our last night as we all wanted a good breakfast before we left for home.

Lou, thank you so much for all your work on planning this memorable trip for us - it is definitely a highlight and something we will never forget.

Barb & Suzanne


My father, 91 years old, booked an Alaskan Cruise with Breton Travel.  The travel agent is Linda Dushane.  She is outstanding!!!! She jumped through hoops in order to make this vacation for my dad a “Trip of a Lifetime”.  She took the time to explain all the “in’s and out’s” of the trip.  She kept me informed about all the details.  KUDOS to Linda!!  And thank you so very much. To Breton Village Travel,


Tami Lemson has assisted our family with vacation plans for a number of years.  There is never a request too big or small that she can't handle, and I am amazed at how quickly she responds to my questions.  If she doesn't already know the answer, Tami is calling back in five minutes with the answer!  What impresses me the most is that she knows my family's preferences and is quick to offer suggestions, advice and resolutions to meet those preferences.  We were considering a trip to Greece this year but couldn't decide on the logistics of the trip.  Tami suggested a Mediterranean cruise with four ports of call in the Greek Islands on a brand new ship.  Perfect!  It was exactly what we were looking for!  Now that we have booked, Tami continues to fill us in with any news related to the ship.  We will never work with anyone else....Tami is definitely an expert in the travel industry!

Sue Z.


To whom it may concern:

We have been doing business with Tami Lemson for over 8 years and I have got to tell you I have never had a travel agent go the extra mile like Tami. When we return from a trip she is always the first one to call us and see if evrything is alright. Tami has been booking all my travel outside the USA for the last 8 years and she has done an excellent job. We have had Tami book us on Cruises and also at Resorts around the Caribbean(We travel outside the USA every year). Tami has gotten to know are family and she knows what my wife and children like. She has also called us after we boarded a ship to see if everything was alright. If we are unsure of the next new travel hot spot we contact Tami and get her insight and we have not been disapointed. In fact within months of a return trip we contact her and she starts looking for the next location for us. She has also booked travel for most everyone in our family.

We will continue to use Tami for many more years.


Tami1My husband and I decided a few years ago that we wanted to go on a second honeymoon to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  I knew my friend Cheryl (Blanchard) was a travel agent and decided to discuss possible travel options with her.  I told her that we wanted a tropical destination, but really had no idea where we would want to go.  Cheryl suggested a Sandals Resort in Negril Jamaca - we said yes - and she took care of everything.  We knew we could trust Cheryl with this special vacation, but had no idea how easy she would make it for us.  Cheryl's experience and knowledge with travel and resorts made the vacation the best ever.  We have since used her expertise to get us to Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ireland and Switzerland.  We love that Cheryl has made a point to know our travel likes and dislikes.  It just takes a desired destination and a phone call to Cheryl and it becomes travel made easy. - Mary

Tami Lemson is a wonderful travel agent.  Approximately 5 years ago Dan and I decided we would like to try an all inclusive resort and so Dan stopped in at a travel agency and no one was helpful or seemed to care whether we booked a vacation through them or not.  So the next day I called another travel agency and just happened to get the friendliest voice on the phone, it was Tami.  She was fun and seemed excited for us.  We had no idea exactly where to go for this vacation or how to go about it so we really needed her advice.  She sent us to Iberostar in Riviera Maya and we felt like royalty!  Everything from the flights, to the transportation to and from the resort, to the fabulous resort went smoothly.  Since then she has booked a dozen winter vacations for us and we've been totally satisfied!  We usually come up with the resort together and she's able to find the best deal.  We always feel confident about the travel plans.  It's always so much fun to get a phone call or e-mail from her, partially because she's just so much fun, and also because it means another vacation is coming!  We can't imagine planning a vacation without her, we'd be lost.  Tami is more than our travel agent, she's our friend. 

- Pam 



Hi Lou (Lint) - Dick and I got back on monday from our week in Jamaica at the Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Resort. It was AWESOME!! What a beautiful resort. The food was very good. They even had Lobster at the buffet one night. Experienced a Japenese restaurant at the resort as well. The entertainment usually at the resorts can be boring but not here-it was something different and fun each night. The people at the resort were very nice. Our Apple rep was also very helpful. We met up with our friends from Penn., it was fun being with them again and catching up. The resort was divided up in three sections: the beach, the suites and then the grand. By far the Beaches had the most people, am sure it's because of the cost. Saw only a few people at the other places. So if anyone asks you about this resort- tell them you had two very satisfied customers. Thanks again for helping us switch to a charter flight. "ya mon".



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