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Honeymoon Travel Information


  1. zz lt couplesDecide on a Budget- This is the trip of your lifetime, so pamper yourself, but make sure you have a balance in your bank account upon your return. A realistic budget will help you make decisions on the destination, the type of hotels and the length of your honeymoon.  Remember, by registering for your honeymoon it is possible to have your guests contribute to your once-in-a-lifetime trip.
  1. Decide who is Responsible for Planning the Honeymoon- The old-fashioned, traditional way is for the groom to do it on his own; but the most popular and successful method is for the soon-to-be-spouses and an experienced travel agent to work together as a trio to plan your dream honeymoon. She can make all the arrangements without the two of you having to worry about them.
  1. Discuss Your Honeymoon Dreams- You really have to talk to each other about this one. Each makes a list of things most important to you and compare notes. Make a list of fun activities you and your partner enjoy doing together. Are there places you have dreamed of exploring together?
  1. Pick Your Destination- Your travel agent may come up with some suggestions you never thought of when she sees your lists.
  1. Select Your Honeymoon Type- A cruise allows you visit several romantic locations. A city stay in a romantic metropolis is exhilarating. Eco-tourism is awe-inspiring for nature lovers. Nothing says romance like a tropical all-inclusive beach resort. Your travel agent will advise you based on your honeymoon dreams.
  1. Decide the Time & Duration- You will want to leave at least a day or more between your wedding day and honeymoon trip if possible. That way you will time to recover from the stress and excitement of the wedding and feel fresh on the honeymoon. When you travel and how long you travel will affect the cost of your honeymoon. Flexibility will give you more options.
  1. Make the Arrangements- Let your travel agent take care of all the details without you having to worry about them. She will go over everything you need to know with you about two weeks before you depart.
  1. Make sure your Passports are in Order
  1. Remember Your Camera- These are the memories of a lifetime.
  1. Enjoy Yourselves- Once you arrive at your honeymoon destination, indulge in this time with each other. Relax, rejuvenate and make sure both of you are enjoying your honeymoon. The quality time that you spend on a honeymoon is the foundation in building your lifelong union.