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The Destination Wedding

 It’s romantic.  A destination wedding is the opportunity to say “I do” in the exotic location of your dreams.

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It's easy. Spend the day before your wedding relaxing on the beach. Destination weddings are often far less work than traditional weddings if you work with a travel consultant who specializes in destination weddings and the area where you'll be married.

It's less expensive. You may be surprised to find out that destination weddings are usually less expensive than traditional weddings. For couples looking to create a really memorable occasion without breaking the bank, a destination wedding is a perfect option.

It's intimate. Couple's today are likely to have loved ones scattered across the country. With the average wedding lasting only four hours, how can a bride and groom spend time with everyone?  Having a destination wedding is like taking a mini-vacation with your closest family and friends; you’ll have several relaxed days to enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest. But remember to have your travel agent plan some time just for the two of you.

Your experienced travel planner is the ultimate stress saver.  Start planning your destination wedding as soon as possible. Fulfilling the marriage requirements of the country in which you are to be wed may take a few months. The legal requirements for destination weddings differ from country to country and must be considered in selecting a location.  If this is not your first marriage, let your travel agent know when you begin your planning to make sure all necessary paperwork completed. 

Understand some of your friends and relatives may not be able to attend.  You can't assume everyone will be able to spend the money and vacation days to attend, and not everyone who tells you they want to attend will do so. Tell your bridal party about the destination wedding before you ask them to stand up for you so they can gracefully decline if finances are tight. Most couples have a reception at home when they return where photos and videos of the ceremony can be shared with those who did not attend in person.

Consider your guests’ finances. If friends and family are invited, go easy on their bank accounts. Consider an all-ages, all-inclusive resort or cruise during low season to keep costs down and provide a bevy of built-in activity options. A shorter stay will lower your guests’ costs. Guests should pay all their own expenses: it helps if you insist they not buy you gifts.

As soon as you book your destination wedding, send your guests a save-the-date. Breton Travel can design a save-the-date invitation with a great picture of your resort and all the travel information your guests will need to book their reservations.